The Meteorite Hunter

Online Book Review

The Meteorite Hunter is an archive of a search for meteorites and the places they come from. The work is based on the impulse to search for the ‘other’ within the everyday. Using the notion of the Meteorite as a metaphor for the unexpected images and moments hidden with in the everyday life, the body of work is a document of a hunt to locate the ethereal and sublime in the mundane and banal.

Alexandra Lethbridge used the image of the meteorite as a poetic metaphor guiding her aesthetic research on the poetic and expressive power of photography. There is a strong sense of deepness coming from the design and editing of the book. Made of transparent sheets. Reading this book page by page the reader has the impression of entering into a very profound universe of images that remind the lightness and the gravity of space objects. But what is most interesting is to see how transparent sheets create new connections between the title, Alexandra’s purpose, and every image sequenced to recall a hunting journey into this very diffuse notion of time and space created only by a sequence of very expressive images.


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