The Meteorite Hunter

Online Showcase

Alexandra Lethbridge (b.1987, Hong Kong) is a UK based photographer that is evolving her work around the relationship between imagined and reality, ideas of Utopia and the impulse to search for the ‘other’ within the everyday. Through a combination of found imagery and own work Lethbridge creates a collection of materials and spaces that aim to encourage a reconsideration of a preconceptual notion.

“The meteorite, in her modest way, hides reservedly in our surroundings, concealed in layers of the ground, sand, water and dirt covering her over, her exotic homeland hidden in her camouflage. (…)The search sees us shift and wave though our surroundings, constantly casting aside the fantastic that exists all around us in favour of the extraterrestrial and otherworldly,” explains Lethbridge in her statement. In her images she jumps between opposing elements, detail and object and material and space. Her graphical and vibrant imagery joints the gap between earth and cosmos. Unbound from time, place and actuality, her series leads into a notion of outer and inner worldly wonder.

Alexandra Lethbridge’s series The Meteorite Hunter was shortlisted for the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation Photobook Award 2015.

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