Other Ways of Knowing

Online Showcase

Other Ways of Knowing is an exploration into the theatrical illusion of magic and misdirection in comparison to ideas of criminal hoax, deceit and trickery. The pairing of these concepts, visually aims to examine how our perceptions interpret and inform our understanding of information in different contexts through the employment of deceptive clues, false emphasis, and symbolic meaning.

How we interpret information can be understood through methods described as ‘Ways of Knowing’; the tools that help us scientifically break down how we come to know or acquire knowledge.

There are eight methods, Language, Sense-perception, Emotion, Reason, Imagination, Faith, Intuition and Memory. My series  Other Ways of Knowing focuses on visual perception; against that of our own instinct. Adapting these methods by concentrating on aesthetic judgements, the photographs play with intuitive understandings of what we’re seeing, asking us to judge for ourselves whether what we encounter is fact or fiction. I’m interested in how what we expect to see, affects what we actually observe and if that can be manipulated.

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